I didn't get payed for a kitchen project I did for some friends what can I legally do.?

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      I own a small home improvement Business, I recently did a kitchen project for some friends that lived right down the street. This project was a complete kitchen renovation right down to pulling floor joists up to fix sags in the floor. The only things we did not do was tear out most of the old cabinets and we didn’t install the new kitchen floor. They had a family member who did it for a living take care of this part of the project. Anyway I charged them real low rates for all the work some things I didn’t charge them at all. I had a laborer with me to help with the work which took us about two weeks to complete. They payed me a draw on the first half of the project but when it came down to the final payment which included about $ 600.00 worth of counter tops,cabinet trim and other misc. materials they suddenly said they weren’t happy with the work. They also said I couldn’t call them and that they were going to get another contractor to fix the things they didn’t like and if there was anything left then they would pay whatever was left over. Now I am a licensed contractor who takes pride in his work I have pages of references from satisfied customers, I’m a bbb member and in all of the five years I have been in business I have never had a unsatisfied customer. If there was a problem with some work that I did I always took care of it even if it cost me to make sure that the customer was happy in the end. But these people first of all aren’t allowing me the opportunity to address any issues second there saying things like I broke their refrigerator door and other things that I know we aren’t responsible for. I also find it funny that nobody said anything about any problems until we finished first. It was like on monday they were happy on tues. the kitchen was junk. The biggest problem I created for myself is that because I knew them I didn’t draw up any kind of contract with them for the work I even left them the invoices for all the materials I bought. I do have pictures of the work and I also wrote checks for most of the material so I can probably gain access to records of the receipts from the places I purchased these items. I still can”t believe this has happened, as well as I knew them this shouldn’t of have happened but I guess if you leave yourself wide open someone is going to take a shot.

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