I am interested in getting government grants…any help?

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    I want to clean up my credit which is horrid due to credit cards, student loan payments and a car payment that are all making life INCREDIBLY difficult right now. I’ve consolidated some of my debt working with a care one credit company, however they can’t consolidate ALL of my debt, AND I found out that this shows up on your credit report as VOLUNTARY BANKRUPCY! So even after I pay off these people I’m screwed creditwise for at least the next seven years or so.

    A friend told me that there are government grants that can help you pay off student loans, car loans and all sorts of other stuff. Are these real programs, and does anyone know where I can get more information on them? Doing my own research I have only been able to find educational, business and charitable organization grants, which are all commendable, but do not apply to me.

    I’m also looking for info on getting a loan without using a house as collateral b/c I rent now, but would like to buy a home one day.

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