Huge change in Neagtives on my CR in a matter of months?

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      Let me start off by saying im new to the forums but have been reading quite a bit lately and this place is really a great asset. Please forgive me if i use the wrong terms of abbreviations. My question…..


      I started rebuilding my credit a year ago after constantly destroying for 12 years(lesson finally learned). I pulled my reports(scores in the mid to high 400’s–FAKO)*and went to work on the negative accounts listed in my report, I started by sending DV letters to everyone that was listed. Slowly but surely I got replies from about 90% of the CA ‘s or OC’s with paperwork showing the valid debts. I also started trying for a few credit cards at this point in an attempt to start rebuilding my credit.


      Fast forward to this week, I pulled my reports again(high 500’s-FAKO, I also pulled my EQ FICO–619!!)*and noticed that a couple things that should have fallen off, did. I also noticed that*there were only 2 negatives listed now. Normally I wouldnt complain but on my previous report a lot of those negatives werent scheduled to come off until 2013-2014, anybody have a clue as to why they might have been removed? Is it possible that their removal was only temporary?


      Thanks for*the help!*

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