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      Ok guys, so about 3 weeks ago I called for *a CLI increase of $250 bucks. My old limits was $1750. I basically wanted to make it even to $2000. So I called the customer service number and asked for the limit. Before I proceeded with the CLI I asked if they were going to use a hard or soft inquiry for the increase. The rep told me that a soft inquiry was going to be used. I agreed and waited for the answer to come back. After a few minutes she came back and told me my new *limit was $2500. I was happy since I was taking a trip to LA.

      Lets fast forward to today. I go online*to take a*look at my credit reports, It turns out that the Discover rep indeed did pull a hard inquiry through Trans Union. Is there a chance that I can get this inquiry removed If I asked them to? And how do I do it?

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