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      My husband and I are trying to get an FHA mortgage to buy a home. His score was 624 but we purchased a car recently. We were not sure if we were going to pay cash or to finance some of it so we had the dealer check to see if we could get financing. Well, the dealership make about 10 inquiries in 1 day which dropped the score below 620. We ended up paying for the car fully in cash though. We are a few points below the number that we need to be at to be approved for the FHA loan. There are no delinquencies on the account (he payed them off years ago). How can we get his score to go up a few points ASAP?

      ANY help would be greatly appreciated as we found a house that we love and would like to make an offer on it, but cannot bid on the house without the preapproval
      I also posted this in the credit category but received only spam answers. Please do not post spam on this question as you will be reported.
      Someone – I’m sorry but you are ill informed. For an FHA loan you need a 620 – that has been verified with multiple banks over the past 2 weeks. Please do your research.

      How could it be that you need a 680 for an FHA loan if a conventional mortgage you need a 660? Doesnt make sense….
      Just to educate some of you on our situation – my husband works for the bank that we will be getting the FHA mortgage through – they state that you need a 620 or higher and with that you’ll only need to put down 5% for a down payment. The mortgage broker already told us that we will be approved immediately when the score gets back to 620.

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