How to go about settling a delinquent credit card account and old medical bills?

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    Helping someone w/ a financial crisis due to disability.

    Basic details- Card had a 3,000 balance. Company doubled payments due to a change in their terms in which the borrower was not at fault. Borrower unable to pay the higher payments. Late charge of $ 100 added onto the larger min. due each month. No payments made on card for 9-10 months. I believe it has just gone to collection and the amount is closer to 6,000 with all the fees.

    Numerous medical bills from 2-4 years old- most with collections or at least the collection dept. of the hospitals, etc.

    IF this person was given say, 5K what are their options? NOT worried about credit rating as it is ruined for a long while any way. Want to avoid being sued and having wages garnished as they are just enough for mortgage and basic necessities like food, electric and gas. Hopefully disability will be approved but no guarantees. Husband has income, wife is disabled. Card is in wife’s name only and medical bills are hers- they are the balances after his insurance OR special medical needs that insurance did not cover. Not sure if name makes a difference on either or not. Just wanting a bit of peace of mind and to know paycheck is secure while doing all they can to stop collections and settle these debts best they can and move forward. Wife will never be able to work again and husband is working, litterally 80 hours per week plus a daily 2 hour commute, so gas is about $ 400 a month which doesn’t help.

    Will credit card companies knock off the late charges, etc. and say accept the original 3K or less?
    How to go about asking? In writing? calling the card company or the collection agency?

    ANY help is sincerely appreciated. I care and they are struggling and had a great financial picture before her illness.

    Not interested in debt settlement companies or consolidation loan.

    Thanks so much!

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