How should I pay this debt settlement?

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    Ok, so I know the basic of getting a settlement worked out. I know you need everything in writing before hand etc etc. I’ve worked out a settlement with a debt collector however he is saying the debt NEEDS to get paid today. I said I can overnight a money order and that is the only possible way I could pay. He said it needs to be via a credit card, check, or western union TODAY ONLY. I argued with him for at least 10 minutes until he said that’s all he could do, call him back if I accept, and then he hung up.

    So my question… I know that you shouldnt pay with credit card or check because they can try and get the rest of your money, but why should or shouldnt I pay via western union? I know it’s not secure, but as long as I get written proof of the settlement and a western union receipt showing it’s a payment to the collector, shouldn’t this work?
    Or what about if I pay through the debt collectors website using a prepaid Visa card so they can’t get anymore money? Would that be enough of a paper trail?

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