How much will I have to pay for closing cost?

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    I am buying a home. So far I have given 3,000 in earnest money, 395 for appraisal, and 275 for inspection. Just needed to know about how much I would need by the time closing time gets here. House is 160,000.

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    Well the earnest money will go towards the price of the house when you close so that’s not part of closing costs. You will have to pay a loan origination fee and some small stuff but with the inspection and the appraisal that’s about it. You could also tell your realtor to insist that having the seller pay part or all of closing costs be made part of the offer. Five grand is about right for the closing on 160K.

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    You should ask your realtor. However, closing costs usually average about $5000 – $6000

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    If you work for the insurance company and you have your insurance through them, the %age you get off is likely to be the same as they would pay an insurance agent. I would guess you might get 20% off. I can’t be certain about that. However, it might cost you less to pay full rates at a different company than for Geico even with the discount. Geico seems to be an insurance company that markets to drivers with less than perfect driving records. When I first started in insurance, I worked for a company that specialized in motorcycle insurance (for good drivers) and auto insurance for bad drivers. It cost me far less to get my insurance at full price from a regular insurance company than to get my insurance through my employer at discount. After 2 years, I got a position at an insurance company that doesn’t deal with bad drivers. I get my insurance through my employer now. Excellent coverage at good rates (even before the employee discount).

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    You don’t get commission back – that’s called rebating. Plus, I don’t know of ANY auto insurance company that pays 20% commission!!

    When I worked with a company, the discount for writing my personal insurance with them, was 5%.

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    I work there and I believe it is 15%.

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    Working at and working with must be different things. The per cent you get off depends upon what commission they give their agents. If you work for the company, you act as your own agent, and so whatever would have been paid as commission, gets discounted off your premium (like the 15 to 20% 2 other people said). If you only work with the company, then you might get less, like the 5% one person said.

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