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      Okay, I’m currently a stay-at-home mom/wife and my husband’s paychecks are not paying the bills. I am extremely frugal, but my husband has a spending problem. I think that if he would get his spending under control then we could scrape by on what he makes. But am I just expecting him to be able to live too cheaply? I’m going to lay it all on the table here. Here is our income and monthly bills. If you insert what you would consider to be normal household expenses for a married couple with 2 kids (3 & 5 so no diapers), do you think this is doable, or too tight:

      Hubby’s take-home pay = $ 1350
      Food Stamps = $ 200

      Average Bills :
      Rent = $ 300 (renting from family)
      Electric = $ 125
      Gas = $ 50
      Phone/internet service = $ 50
      Car Insurance = $ 50

      Whats your opinion?
      By the way –
      I’m 32, I’ve been working full-time my entire adult life until 1 year ago, when we had a major life change and moved to another state, long story, but I’m just looking for opinions on this monthly income and these expenses – is it too tough, or just enough?
      @Edco – thanks for your answer. I forgot to mention that we all have insurance coverage through the state. And I didn’t intentionally not budget the other things you mentioned. what I listed was for bills only (the gas is natural gas for heat). These are the only regular bills we pay, and then i thought if the gentle reader could insert in his/her mind what his/her idea of reasonable monthly expenses (food, clothing, household items, etc.) for a family of four would be, and see whether they thought it could be done. In other words, I’ve already budgeted out all the things you’ve mentioned and to me the budget looks tight, but doable. My husband disagrees, and says that we just don’t make enough money and that I am being unreasonable in how much I’m budgeting for normal household expenses beyond bills.

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