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      I know many people have asked this question, but I cant find one that pertains to me specific, so sorry for asking if it has been asked before.*


      I thought that a old collections debt was “taken cared of” when I sent proof that I did in fact paid $119 to a hosting company. Well, when I went to get ready to buy a home, my first steps was to of course run my credit score, and boy was I in for a rude awaking. Anyway, I spoke to the debt management company, and agreed to pay it off again if they remove it from my credit report, they agreed and got this in writing from the company:


      “This email is confirm our telephone conversation today. You agree to send us full payment for the collections account of $119 and we agree once that payment is received, clears our bank we will electronically notify the three credit bureaus to remove the account completely from your credit history. Here is our address to send the payment and be sure to write your account number on your form of payment”

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