how I verify my credi card.? becouse I can’t make no calls.?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Credit Cards how I verify my credi card.? becouse I can’t make no calls.?

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    how I verify my credi card.? becouse I can’t make no calls

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    They will require 2 years worth of solid employment.
    They will review your credit reports line by line, so it is worth it to “fix” those reports.
    Get a book on Credit Repair.
    You can negotiate a settlement, and sometimes do a pay on delete on one time items such as a medical bill.
    They will notice items showing as paid and act accordingly

    Get all three credit reports (not just one)
    At Annual Credit
    No credit/debit card required. They are 100% free once a year
    Also a nice downpayment will speak volumes if you have any dings on your credit

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    They will want to see:
    – A good credit rating
    – A good down payment
    – A high enough gross monthly income
    – Stable employment for the last 2 years
    – How much other debt you have (generally you won’t be approved for a mortgage which would require a monthly payment more than 28% of your gross monthly income, and your total monthly debt repayments including mortgage cannot exceed about 36% of your gross monthly income)

    Your credit rating definitely has to be in shape, but there’s more they’re going to be looking at.

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    You can buy a home even with bad credit. Most likely, you will have to put down a larger down payment and will not qualify for the lowest interest rates available.

    A good first step would be get in touch with a loan officer to find out if you qualify for a loan. If you don’t right now, they can advise you on the steps you can take to qualify down the road.

    Also, you can try speaking to a state agency through the government’s Making Home Affordable website. Budgeting, credit counseling and more is available.

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