How does a personal debt settlement affect your credit report?

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    Sorry this is long: I cosigned for a fiance’s car loan in 2001. We broke up in 2002. He wrecked the car in 2003 and since he had GAP insurance I figured all was well. in 2005 I started being harassed by collection agencies for a balance of $ 1500. None of them could explain what the balance was from so I wrote them cease and desist letters and told them to contact me when they could PROVE the debt was valid. I wrote letters and called GMAC to try to figure it out where the balance came from but GMAC would have nothing to do with me.

    Now I get a settlement offer of $ 300 from GMAC themselves. I can afford to pay that and my deadbeat ex has such bad credit he wouldn’t even consider it. After much research, I feel the balance is from an extended warranty so it probably is a legit debt.

    But what happens to my credit report? This whole mess is slated to fall off in March of 2012. If I pay a settlement, won’t that ‘refresh’ the debt so that I will have ‘Owed $ 1500. Paid $ 300.’ on my report until 2016? I know I’ll also have to pay taxes on the $ 1200, but that’s no big deal to me. My FICO score is still above average and clearing this mess would put me in the astronomical range, but will potential lenders think better of a settlement that a contested debt?

    And don’t bother emphasizing the grave danger of cosigning. I was in my early 20s and had been living with him for several years. I thought I knew him. Hard lesson learned and now you won’t catch me cosigning for my own mother 😛
    Just to emphasize, this is me and the creditor, no ‘fixing’ company involved. And other than this account, I have only made 1 late payment to anything in over 15 years.

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