How do you shop around for the best credit card offer?

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      I’m looking to shop around for a new credit card..I’ve had the same credit cards since college (8+ years ago) and they have the same rates/limits (high/low) as when I first opened the account. The issue I’m running into is, I want to know my rate and limit BEFORE agreeing to the account being opened, but every bank I’ve contacted says that once I’m approved, the account is automatically opened with that offer, regardless of my thoughts on the offer. I’m very careful with my credit as in the past it’s been damaged and is since repaired (all of my credit scores are over 700 with all my accounts in good standing).

      I’m going to be transferring balances from my two other cards (about $3,000 total), but to keep my credit score in good shape, I will only accept a card with an 8k-10k limit and a lower interest rate than is on any of my other cards. What is the best way to do this? I have no experience in applying for new credit outside of a car loan because I’ve generally tried to shy away from revolving lines of credit. Thanks!
      Ok.. based on the answers below, maybe I should re-word my question.. Perhaps I didnt mean the best credit (absolutely or in existence), but more accurately the best way to shop around for a new credit card.

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