How do you figure out the selling price of your home when selling it on your own?

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home How do you figure out the selling price of your home when selling it on your own?

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      Let’s say it’s appraised at $200k. What would be the starting price? Remember no realtor involved…yet.

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      Look at houses around you and see what they are selling for. Even if your house is much better but everything else is going for 150k than it will be hard for you to sell your home over 200k Market is not good right now for houses. If your in no hurry You could start at 210k-220k and see where that leads you. You can always lower later on. Another thing you could also do is contact a realtor and get their input on what your home will go for. You can tell them you want so much money for it then add their fee’s on top of it. They will also be doing all the leg work to save you the trouble. Long as you don’t sign anything saying your not able to sell the house by contacting them shouldn’t be a problem if you decide not to use them.

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      I sold an income property last year and went by 72 times what I was getting in monthly rent, which is 6x annual rent. I had it appraise for about 10% less than that but sold it within two months on Craigslist for my asking price.

      So if you were renting, how much would you expect to pay for the house per month?

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      You can look at tax records and see what similar houses have sold for recently.

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      Hi @Awaevo! It depends on the credit score. There are a variety of credit scores available to consumers, including the FICO score, the Vantage Score and the CE Score. Each of these scores use a different scale. For instance, FICO is 300-850; the Vantage Score – the newest of these scores – is 501-990; and the CE Score is 350-850.

      No one score is better than the other, as they all seek to assess your credit worthiness. However, when comparing your credit score over time, it’s best to compare the *same* score so you don’t get caught up in the differences of the scales. In addition, each credit score provider should offer some sort of grading system to help you makes sense of the score. For Vantage, a 750 may be a “C,” but for FICO and CE, a 750 is more like an “A.”

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