How do I report an account that I’ve been paying regularly to my credit bureau

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    to raise my score? The company i have the account with does not report to the credit bureaus, so i wanted to find out if i could do it myself with a print out from the company I have the account with?

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    the moment you apply for a credit card your acc detaills are shared with credit bureau.that means you will not be able to report it but the credit card company can. you can pull out your credit report from bureau to find if this acc has been reported or not

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    You can’t……only the credit giver/account holding company can report to credit bureaus

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    Call the company and ask for a letter of credit from them and ask them to detail your account history. You can then forward this letter to the credit agencies.

    I know that Cingular provides letters of credit for those people who need to show someone that they’re credit worthy. As to if they agency will put it on your report or not, remains to be seen, but it never hurts to try.

    If all else fails see if you can get a credit card (secured probably in your case) with a reputable bank. IE well-known, and build/repair your credit this way.

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    the words “good” and “cheap” usually dont appear in the same sentence if you want something that will benifit her…look around…cudo’s for helping your mom out though…good luck

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    Sure, there are lots. But if you’re posting on a public board, there are CLEARLY some issues preventing her from getting coverage. Possible claims issues in the past? Maybe pit bull dogs?? maybe it’s a really low value house? Maybe it’s in bad disrepair? Maybe she’s got horrible credit??

    No one can give you an accurate carrier without knowing what the problem is, that she can’t just walk into an independent agent and have her pick of 5 or 6 different companies.

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