How do I improve my FICO credit score fast?

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    There are so many different factors to adjust that go into increasing a FICO credit score – is it worth it to spend $ 7k to $ 10k in savings to try and improve my score if Im trying to buy a bigger house this summer?

    I have a 705 credit score right now, with a good personal income over $ 90k, and I pay my bills on time and have almost $ 10k in savings that I was thinking of using for a downpayment – but I do have several credit cards, including one card with a $ 10k limit thats almost maxed out, another card with $ 8k in limits thats just over half way maxed out, and another card with $ 2,500 limit thats within $ 600 of being maxed out. I also have a a car note and few other accounts, like a furniture account Im paying off a couch for and an electronics account Im paying off a hdtv on, but those arent too much.
    Whats the quickest way to boost my score?

    Ive heard I need to get my credit card utilization ratio under 30%, but is paying these cards down party way that the best way to boost my score? Is there anything else besides that or in addition to that I should be doing?

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