How do I get a credit card with no credit history?

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      I’m going to be a sophomore in college and I thought I should start building credit now. I’ve already discussed this with my parents and we have a plan–I would only use it to pay for things that cost about $5, and I would use it just once a month, so my payment is low and I can easily pay it in full.

      I have a debit card from my bank, and they wanted be to apply for a credit card from them too (chase, by the way), but they denied me. I have not applied for any other credit cards, and I know how to use it to avoid debt when I get one.

      I, again, would use it once a month for something extremely small. Anything else I buy goes with my debit card or cash so I know I have enough to pay for it.

      I’m just looking for some help on how to get a credit card when I have no credit history, not people telling me that if I get one, I’m going to easily go into debt because I’m a student and that automatically makes me stupid.


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