How do I deal with the Family Business?

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      I’m 20 years old and a college student. I Work for my parents company and the whole situation is really starting to frustrate me.

      I’ve been working for the company for about six years, started off with stuff like cleaning up and quickly became a full fledged helper. And that is where it has stayed… only a few times have I worked independently(I have proven I can do the job by myself), the problem is that there is not enough work for the non-family employees and myself to both work a full schedule. But there is just enough work that they need me 2-3 days a week. Maybe 15 hours a week.

      I get payed by the hour and the other guys get payed by the job so it makes working together kinda weird because I’m being pushed really hard to complete a job quickly and its actually making me earn less. Also working with both the employees and family members makes me the one who has to deal with all the gripes and complaints from each side about the other side. (I should probably be considered an internal peace keeper)

      To make matters worse some days that the non-family members work, I won’t because the work load isn’t “heavy enough” to require a “helper” so they will only send me out when I’m needed, making the amount of hours that I work way less and also making it really hard to schedule any other kind of work.

      Also the way things are worked out, I don’t get payed a whole lot for the few hours I actually work but I don’t pay pay for my phone, gas and insurance and I don’t pay rent. So this does make it better but because of this I’m not building any credit either.

      There was talk of putting me into sales but I know that what will happen is work will pick up because of it and I’ll be put back as a helper making next to nothing

      This is putting me at a bad spot financially. I was all but forced to go to college part time and my parents payed for it with the understanding that I would have to pay it back. There is still plenty of time each week I don’t work.

      Its like they are content keeping me where I’m at with no credit or options, I get along with my parents in pretty much everything else but I need to start making my own decisions and start thinking about life after school. I can’t live my whole life in this shell. What should I do?

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