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    Ok, I’ll boycott the Marines.

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    YES because a lot of people know what they are really about. If they were this horrible racist group you try to make them out to be, they are risking on losing everything. They are not, and that’s why all these huge corporations support them. Thanks for sharing.

    Boy! if you plan to boycott them, you’d have better luck moving to Canada LOL!

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    Many of these I already have or have notified and told them what I think. Toyota was the worst with their reply. I will never own a toyota.

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    you guys don’t understand the La Raza. they are not advocating anything the KKK or nazi’z did. it’s very different today.

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    Thanks for the list. I’m making a copy, passing it to my friends and family to ensure we all support these companies. Gracias!

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    La Raza is a racist organization, and they specifically champion discrimination against all other groups in the United States. Kinda ugly that they can support La Raza.

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    What is wrong with an Organization that helps people and communities move forward and help bring down poverty levels, and they don’t only help out Latinos either.

    Viva La Raza!

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    So you point is what this companies are paying extortion money !
    Yes I knew, but La Raza is a Communist based organization !

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    Business putting profits before people! I guess 16,000 dead Americans mean nothing compared to their fat paychecks! A CEO usually makes more in a day than the average worker makes in a year!

    Did you know that ABC was doing a piece showing terrorist in the US and la raza was among them? Of course that was last week. This week one of their news casters proclaimed that carbon dating is not accurate because it showed the shroud of Torin as not being from the right era!

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    Yes I am aware as I have poked around some of those sites. Here is a couple of links that seem to show you have corporations that are not listed on their lists.

    “Institutional Corporate Partners” (in part)

    “The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recognizes those corporations that have invested in NCLR’s long-term strategic efforts with multiyear, multimillion-dollar commitments, including NCLR’s Empowering An American Community Campaign.”

    I did not see MBNA on the above list.

    “Corporate Partners Program” (in part)

    “The National Council of La Raza invites corporations large and small and Hispanic entrepreneurs to join in its mission to empower current and future generations of Hispanic Americans.
    We encourage individual Hispanic entrepreneurs to become an NCLR partner as well. Partners like you have firsthand knowledge of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve the American Dream. We would deeply appreciate your involvement in our institution and welcome your membership participation.”

    Amerada Hess Corporation, Anheuser-Busch Companies, AT&T, Azteca Foods, Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund, Caterpillar Foundation, ConAgra Foods, Inc., The Cummins Foundation, ExxonMobil Corporation, Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Guaranty Bank, MetLife Foundation, Mortgage Insurance Company, Sallie Mae, Starbucks Corporation and Washington Mutual, Inc. are all on your posted list but not on the NCLR website list.

    American Airlines, American Express Company, American International Group, Inc. Bank of America, Best Buy Children’s Fund, Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund, Cardinal Health,
    Catholic Healthcare West, Citi, Clear Channel Communications, The Coca-Cola Company, Comcast Corporation, Cox Enterprises, Inc./Cox Communications, Inc., Darden Restaurants Foundation, Diageo NA, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fannie Mae, FedEx Corporation, General Mills, Inc.
    General Motors Corporation, Harrah’s Entertainment, Hershey Foods Corporation, Hess Foundation, Inc., Humana, J.C. Penney Company, Inc., Kraft Foods, Inc., Lowe’s, Marriott International, Inc., The McGraw-Hill Companies, Mercedes Benz, Merck & Co. Inc., Merck/Schering-Plough, MGM Mirage, The Microsoft Corporation, Miller Brewing Company, Morgan Stanley, Northrop Grumman Corporation, PepsiCo, Inc., Prudential Financial, Qwest Communications, Rockwell Automation
    Schering-Plough, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance Companies, United Parcel Service (UPS), Verizon Communications, Wachovia, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,, Waste Management, Inc., Wells Fargo, The Williams Company, all appear on their list but not yours.

    It only gets worse as I could not find “Corporate Programmatic Supporters” on the National Council of La Raza’s web site. But I did find where your list came from and by the look of Mr. Bonner’s “charities I support list” I would say he supports a couple organizations that help people that are more than likely illegally in the U.S.

    But what about jobs and careers should judges, lawyers, Border Patrol, law officers, teachers, nurses, priests, addiction counselors, food store owners, shop owners, baby sitters, law makers and a list that possible has no real end, should all those workers be arrested, charged and jailed for aiding and abetting as a start. I am sure other “charges” could be found.

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    Good to know. Now I know what companies to shop at, ALL OF THOSE!

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    I’m currently in a situation where I’ve collected more debt than I can manage and the interest payments are staggering.
    Besides telling me how I can better spend my money, I’m wondering how a debt management company could help me?
    I own a house. Would they somehow tie the debt into my mortgage payments?
    Basically – what can they do for me that the bank can’t?
    Boss – why not spam less serious questions?

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    They don’t help in the long run. They claim to consolidate your debt, and make monthly payments to all of your creditors. The problem with that is it hurts your score even more b/c it shows that you aren’t responsible enough to manage your debt.

    Some companies don’t make the scheduled payments they promise they will. Leaving you the consumer in even more trouble. I worked with the Dept of Financial Regulation in MD for 2yrs. We received numerous complaints about the practices of some of these compaines.

    If you can make arrangements with you creditors on your own and arrange for monthly payments that you know you can afford, that would be your best option. You are paying them to do what you can already do for yourself.

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