How do credit scores get used when purchasing a home?

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      In the next 3 years, my husband and I are definitely going to be looking to buy a home and right now, I’d like to do the things I need in order to get good credit scores. I’ve checked my scores and see that I get 3 different numbers, and the lowest number is lower than the highest number by 100! My highest score is a 749. I was also recently told that mortgage lenders base your interest rate off of the lowest score of a married couple– is this true? Do all mortgage lenders do this, or is it certain lenders?

      If my husband were to decide that my lowest credit score was too detrimental to getting a decent interest rate, would it be possible for him to purchase a house on his own without my name being listed as an owner? Or do most lenders automatically consider all of the credit scores of a married couple when making these decisions?

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