How can I Repair Bad Credit?

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    I’m applying for a auto loan and I’m concerned that my credit score isn’t the best. I had some financial trouble in the past and I’d like to get the best loan rate possible.

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    You can try to get a credit card for bad credit. there will be a sercity depost. But this helped my credit alot

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    Pay off debt that will boost your score a lot and close the accounts

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    The secured credit card was a good suggestion. Some banks issue these, and you can also apply for one online. The Orchard Bank card is a well-known secured card.

    As far as credit repair, it IS possible to do it legally, no matter what anyone says. You can do it yourself, or you can find a reputable company to do it for you.

    Edit: Yes, you should also pay off any outstanding debts as much as possible, but do NOT close any credit card accounts once they’re paid off. That hurts your credit!

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