How can I raise my credit score as fast as possible?

Tips and Deals Forums Improving Your Credit Score How can I raise my credit score as fast as possible?

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    OK so I have about 8 months to get my credit score up about 100 points for a mortgage. I have 2 credit cards that I am only using 10% of my available credit. So here is my question, I have alot of old debt that has not reported recently to the bureau’s. Should I pay them off or ignore them till I get a preapproval? And will those 2 cards really make that much of a difference?

    And yes I know anything debt wise that has reported recently should be paid!
    Also let me add that I have already gone through and cleaned up my report, I have gotten rid of anything that could be cleaned up or out, what I have left is what I have left so using a credit agency that goes in and cleans up my report is no use to me!

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