How can I get a loan after a short sale?

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      In December of 2010 I did a short sale on my house and paid my lender at that time (Sovereign Bank) 44k to get rid of my house. I am now looking to purchase a new house but am being told that I cannot get another mortgage loan due to having done a short sale and have to wait 2 years from the date of short sale.*


      The short sale is on my reports as “Settled for less than full amount” or something along those lines.


      Is it possible to get that changed to “Paid in full”? If yes, how can I go about doing that. Also, if it is possible to change it to paid in full, will that still count as short sale or will I be able to get a new loan?


      Any help/advice will be appreciated, I am trying to get a new mortgage loan. Besides this short sale, I have a spotless credit history.

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