How can I get a credit card if i have no credit ?

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      I applied for 2 credit cards i got denied on both of them .( applied awhile back )
      i applied at discover and cheveron i applied for student credit cards i got denied .
      Im 19 a college student and i work part time yet still cant get a credit card any one out there can tell me how to obtain one to build credit im trying to build credit so i can get a car loan when im 21.

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      New Federal Regulations are making it impossible for anyone under 21 to get a credit card.
      It’s not you.

      Get a parent to co-sign on a card with you.
      Do not do this is they have bad credit (carry credit card balances).
      Do not do this if you yourself plan to carry balances, since it can destroy credit.
      Pay in full each month.
      Employers check, so do landlords and car insurance companies (you’ll pay more).

      Don’t get a secured card.
      This card will stil not turn into a credit card until you are 21.

      Fast way that many people can’t afford.
      Secured loan. Drop about $2,000 into a cd and make a secured 1 year loan against it

      And yes, getting a car loan is not a financially wise move to make, but last year only 25% of the population were able to buy their cars for cash

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