how can i do something with my life without money for college or a way to get it?

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      i’m a pretty capable and smart guy currently enrolled in a good college working on a bachelor’s degree. last year my parents explained to me that their credit wasn’t as good as I had thought and they might have trouble getting the loans for this year (sophomore year) and the following years of school. sure enough, we got turned down for this year, so I did some reconsidering and decided I would enroll in the military to pay my way through school and get some extra life experience while I was at it.

      so I did really well on my ASVAB and great in the military physical, but there was a hiccup because they thought i had epilepsy because I had passed out at work a few years ago when I was dehydrated (i stupidly walked 4 miles to work on a 90+ degree day in the sun). so i went back and forth for months sending all my medical records, getting tested by doctors, et cetera, and that finally looked like it might be taken care of.

      but after all that, it turns out they almost certainly won’t take me because they think I have a harmless skin condition that I don’t actually have (i got misdiagnosed by a doctor a few years back but there’s no test to prove him wrong).

      my parents have no savings and i doubt they could secure any more loans. i have no savings and over 20k of debt from the year and a half of education i’ve had so far.

      so what’s left for me really? work at walmart for the rest of my life? go to some crappy community college I can pay for with a 9-5 job and get a degree that can only get me retail management positions anyway? apparently i can’t even serve my country for a living. i’m out of ideas that i can stomach.
      thanks ashley, but like i mentioned in the first paragraph, my parents’ credit is overextended. they cannot get any more loans. the one i got for this semester had a very high interest rate and there’s no possible way they could get another year of loans. and my credit history is not nearly established enough. there’s just no leeway there – i’ve talked to many financial aid advisers about this

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