How best to go after foreclosures and short-sales?

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    The position we’re in, is that we live in an area outside of the hustle bustle that generally doesn’t have Peninsula prices. There are only a few MLS homes that seem to work for us yet they all seem overpriced, and of course there are a ton of foreclosures.


    What are the best ways to go about getting into a foreclosure? Should I try to find an agent who specializes in that area?


    Are the online services such as RealtyTrac or worth subscribing to?


    And is it ever an advisable approach to go straight to a listing agent for a home that isn’t selling, let them know what we have to spend and that we really like the home, to see if they could bring it up with the homeowner?

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    Foreclosures, short sales and REOs remind me of, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!” The latter are dangerous animals but different from each other — just as foreclosures and short sales and real-estate-owned (REOs) are distressed sales but different from each other.

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