How bad will it affect my credit score?

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      Ok so I have two credit cards. One is $ 3600 and the other is $ 2000. I just had my $ 3600 card turned off and it is 60 days past due. I just had my baby and haven’t gotten back to work yet so I can’t pay it at the moment. I am supposed to be getting enough money to pay it completely off in September. My question is, how much harm will it do to my credit if I don’t pay on it until September? I have never been late but seeing as how my family is only living on my fiancĂ© income right now, we have to pay more important things first like rent and groceries. I have about a 670 credit score now so it’s not perfect but not horrible. I’m just wondering what happens when the card company reports it to the credit bureau and how much it will affect my score…

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