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      I have a FICO score of 758.* I have one credit card with a 3k limit.* I have never missed a payment and have an 11 yr credit history on this card.* This is a CHASE card – what is now their slate card.* They at some point raised my interest rate to 29.99%.* I have called and talked to multiple supervisors and they will not lower my rate and give me no reason why it was raised other than I did not explicitly deny some offer they sent – hmm raising my interest rate is an offer, wow.


      I am in the market for a new credit card.* I have researched many cards.* Cards with % back on groceries/gas, etc are appealing, but what I am really trying to find is what would be the best card (interest rate wise) to apply for.


      Also, how will this hurt my credit score?* I plan on transfering any balance on the chase to the new card (so 0% transfer is also good) – and from what I read I should then leave my chase account open with a zero balance (if I close it this would destroy* my credit history as this is my oldest history by 4 yrs).


      Any suggestions are appreciated.* Thanks.

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