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    Look for another apartment or keep all your stuff up on high shelves so if it floods, your stuff isn’t ruined. Don’t have carpet…if the plasterboard gets wet, you’re sure to have a mold problem. I’d move, there must be some clause in the lease after having damage to your apartment so many times.

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    You should contact your local housing authority for advice. When you explain to them all the specifics of your situation, they will be able to tell you if they can help in any way.

    Good luck.

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    Sorry about your misfortune. I would start by getting renter’s insurance…after all, I think the 4th time is a charm! I would ensure that management repairs the damage caused by the flood(s) and see if they will give you an accommodation and move you to another, dryer apartment, you could argue that you are entitled to “quiet enjoyment” of your home and you can’t possibly do this under the current circumstances. If the repairs aren’t in a timely and efficient manner I would definitely call your local inspection service department and file a complaint.

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    Ooo… I’ve been here. First thing’s first. You *know* the area is prone to flooding, so you’ve GOT to get your things off the floor. Get everything up… everything. Couches, speakers, dressers, cabinets, beds… put ALL of them up on bricks. All clutter has got to be off the floor. No books, clothes, boxes, bags, ect, can be down there. (Big plastic bins are great for this sort of thing.)

    Once your floor is free of your valuables, that will give you a little peace-of-mind and will make clean-up with a shop-vac take only minutes. Of course, in the meantime, talk with your landlord. Yes, he may be willing to drop your rent or assist you in moving into a new place, like dropping your security deposit. Take pictures when this happens again and keep asking the landlord for some help. You’ll get there.

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