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    I want to fix my terrible credit rating (destroyed in college) but do not want to pay a company because times are tough, and i am more than capable to do it myself. Can Someone suggest some GOOD free credit repair sites?

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    From my personal experience, I have tried doing it myself & it’s very time consuming & hard to keep up with all the documentation from all 3 credit bureaus. I started using the cheapest credit repair company I could find & SO FAR I’m impressed! It only costs $29 a month & you don’t have to sign a contract. I’ve raised my credit score over 110 points since June 2009. If you might be interested, here’s their website:

    Good Luck & I hope this helps!

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    There’s no such thing. Moreover, there’s no such thing as credit repair. While you can dispute incorrect information, information that’s correct but negative is there to stay until it drops off in 7 years.

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    There are many “free sites” out there but there are only two that really offer useful information and links as well as sample forms you may need if you are going to dispute anything such as incorrect reporting.

    They are as follows:

    Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself. Here you will find out the proper procedure to repair your credit. This is free information from the Federal Trade Commission.

    You should also learn how credit works and you can get that free information directly from the main source FICO at the following:

    With these 2 web sites you should find all you need to know. Also, I have included in the source area a site to download the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) which the credit reporting agencies must follow. Read it and you will understand how credit reporting works and what they must do.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

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