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      Hi guys,
      I am writing a letter to Bloomingdales asking them to remove the negative account for a one time late 30 day payment.* How does this look?* Please C&C and Thanks for your time.

      “Dear Bloomingdales Credit Services:

      I recently pulled my credit report and noticed that I have a negative account according to the Credit Agency Transunion.* My account numbers is 21-044-706-439-1 and have been a Bloomingdale’s Insider since February of 2010.* I am writing to you as a concerned customer if you are willing to make a “goodwill” adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies to have this removed.* I have a 30 day late payment on the account for the month of September of 2010.* Every other month thereafter has been in good standing and there is currently no balance.
      If I recall, I remember being notified via a phone call that I was going to be late making a payment on weekend, I told the sales representative instantly that I will pay the following business day since this has been brought to my attention.* Immediately the next day I paid the monthly payment, which included the late payment fee.* I do not contest about this late payment fee; I just didn’t think this would be a problem since the minimum payment was only $25.* I have a full time job, $25 I know I would have been able to pay this off.* I just lost track of time and was busy working.* Working in the Tax department and having an October 15th deadline can be extremely hectic at times.* I should have been more responsible and setup automatic bill pay.* If you look at my attached credit report from Transunion, you will see that I have an exceptional payment history.* This one negative derogatory account has since been affecting my credit immensely.* I would like you to consider removing the negative payment from my credit report.
      Springtime is coming up and I could use a new wardrobe, as a solution to this problem and to prevent this from ever occurring again, I will now use automatic bill payments.
      I hope that Bloomingdales is willing to work with me on erasing this mark from my credit reports.* I have been a happy customer and I recommend and tell all my friends about the savings they can receive from subscribing to the email newsletter that you periodically send out.* I hope to maintain this customer relationship because this is the only place I look for in high-end clothing.* I also hope that you will deeply consider this request and look forward to your reply.”

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