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      im 24 years old and have never check my credit score. whats the best way/sites to check my credit score? its my senior year at my university, and up to this point i have paid for everything with my own money. i have a stable part time job thats brings me 20k a year and has help me pay for all my stuff including the 5k a semester for college. I am trying to improve my credit score since its seems im far behind. my gf has had credit cards paid in good standing and a house purchased already in her name before she was 22 ( her parents are paying for the house). my questions are….

      1) how do i check my credit score (best websites) and what is it that im looking for as far as number wise

      2) ive read here in the Q&A’s, that the best way to improve credit score is to take out a credit card. whats the perferred company?

      3) 2 years ago i had my insurance pay for a clinic bill, but months later recieved a bill from the health clinic for additional charges. i never got around paying for it since i was trying to fix the issue of my insurance paying the full. would that affect my credit score or show up in the report?

      -thanks for helping a lost guy

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