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      I’m ready to turn my credit around and need some advice on where to start

      equifax score is 618 and transunion is 589


      i have 2 public records on all 3:

      judgement $1101 03/2011

      judgement $1715* 02/2008


      on equifax i have 2 collections:

      on paid medical collection $100* 01/2007

      on unpiad medical collection $215* 03/2007


      on transunion i have 3 collections:

      the same 2 collections

      $1906 collection from the judgement from 2008 (don’t know why the difference in amounts, maybe court fees?)


      my only delinquincy is from a car loan I got back in 2007. On New Years of 2008 it was totaled in a car wreck. My insurance paid the car’s value toward the loan. and the car company said they would get me a new car and attach the balance to that new car loan. Well after the insurance check cleared, the car company stopped responding to my phone calls and my sales manager was always “out to lunch” when I called. Eventually I just went else where. Now that i have pulled my credit report i see it’s on there as a chargeoff. Is there anything I can do?


      okay and as far as credit cards go, I am a credit card junkie:

      i started off with a First Premier 12/2009*-* 243/300CL ( paying off and closing next month)

      Fingerhut: 03/2010*- 51/500CL

      Orchard Bank: 10/2010*-** 290/300CL

      Capital One: 11/2010***-* 543/500CL (hit by annual fee)

      Jared/Kay Jeweler: 09/2011*-** 245/2500 CL

      Victoria Secret: 10/2011**-* 86/250CL

      The Limited: 10/2011****-* 0/250CL

      New York & Company:*10/2011-* *0/250CL

      Amazon store card:* 11/2011*-* 0/700

      Indiana Finanace:* 05/2011 $13,280 car loan


      I know I need to get my utilization down, what else can i do to help my scores? Thanks for helping :smileyhappy:




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