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    I’m looking for testimonials and experiences with credit repair services. I’ve been looking into Fowler & Fowler CRS which has been associated with the BBB for 10 yrs. I know that they cant do anything i cant do myself but i dont mind paying a 3rd party if they can get the job done well. I know they dispute everything negative on your report. Again im looking for real experiences not cookie cutter advertisements for a CRS. I can tell so dont try it. Thx

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    No, I think it’s a scam. Its scary how people are preying on those who need help. Of course if you do your research and things check out, that is one thing. But I fear a lot of them might be scams. A friend of mine’s sister was doing one of the debt consolidation programs, she was paying them, and then they went out of business. Turns out they were never paying her card. She got screwed.

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    It is a common belief that the credit repair services damage your creditworthiness and spoil your credit report. But you should keep all options open. There are different kinds of credit repair services available. You’d need to understand the differences between debt consolidation and debt settlement.

    The most important thing that you should know about any credit repair service is that they should be able to provide you with an online account that shows you the status of negotiations with each of your creditors.

    Good credit repair services would only charge you after settling each of your creditors. This would certainly lead you to believe that you’re job is finally getting done.

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    you don’t need to pay for it, there are programs out there to help that do it for free. contact your local credit agency for information.

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    Do it yourself!

    Interested email me. I can help get you started.

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