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    I have a credit account with Bank of America that was closed in 7/2009 due to subsequent late payments – 30 days, 60 days, 30, 30, 30 from July – Nov of ’09.* From what I’ve read, BoA generally isn’t as lenient as other financial instituions in awarding good will removals but I would like to try anyways.


    Firstly, should my good will letter be requesting that my late payments be adjusted or that the entire tradeline be removed?* The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that they report fairly and accurately, so how is a financial institution able to simply change the status of a payment?


    Secondly, since it’s less likely for BoA to adjust multiple late payments, would I be better off having the tradeline removed altogether anyways?* Having the tradeline removed can hurt my FICO due to the decrease in AAoA, but having the multiple late payments dissapear certainly must offset this, right?



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