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    I have an old account, showing as negative, on my CR. *It is from Credit One Bank. *The account was past due, then paid in full and closed. *It never went to collections and was not a charge off. *I was in the process of working on a GW letter asking them to delete and I decided to give them a call.


    The person I spoke with said that she has no record of me holding an account with them – she searched by my social/name/address/DOB, as well as the partial account number that I was able to retrieve from my CR. *She recommended that I file a dispute with the CRA and is transferring me to an account specialist (I’m on hold right now) to further investigate.


    I’ll see what the account specialist is able to find, but if Credit One has no record of my account, but it is showing on my CR, should I request that they send a letter to the CRA’s stating that I never had this account? *Do I file an online dispute? *What are my options to get this removed since Credit One has no record?

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