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      So, I’m looking to go and buy my first car, so I applied to my bank (RBS) online for a loan to buy my car. They have declined me…

      I do have two catalogues that I pay every single week.

      I struggled at Christmas, to keep up with a few payments to my catalogues.. so it got a bit on top of me, but I was honest, phoned them up and they arranged a lighter payment plan for me.

      Now I hear that the bank has declined me cos my credit rating is too low… and the reason must be the fact I have this payment plan to my name.

      I’m raging…. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to get a cheap second hand run about for a car, cos everyone I know who has done that, regretted it… I really wanted to buy my car from a proper car dealer.

      Anyone any advice?

      Also, anyone any advice on where I could see my credit report for totally FREE… without giving my card details to them..!?

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