Got Approved for Apple Barclay and Chase Freedom!!

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    I first applied for the Apple barclay got a 1250 CL then called the backdoor after 30mins and got it up to 3800CL. Then Chase Freedom approved me for 2,000 CL.

    Got denied from Discover , called to recon and they offered me a co sign option and i said no. They said there is stuff on my CR that is paid and shows a 0 balance but not removed.(sent me pre approval letter like crazy), BOA cashback after denial they offered me a card that i would put money on* and AMEX Gold have various reasons which boiled down to me not have enough Credit line son my report.


    Whats in my wallet:

    CapitalOne Platinum: 1k CL

    Chase Freedom: 2k CL

    Apple Visa Barclay: 3.8k CL


    Any suggestions?

    Should I Garden at this point?


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