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    I am looking for some advice on how to get out of a lease that is due to expire in the middle of July due to uninhabitable conditions.

    The apartment that I am referring to is in a 22 unit condominium complex where individuals own the apartment and the outside is taken care of by a condo association.

    There have been 2 floods in the past 6 months. The first flood directly affected my apartment and was without carpet for 2 months and a hole in the ceiling for one month. Apparently, work was being done on the roof and a windstorm opened it up. The landlord was diligent in getting it fixed but the amount of time it took to fix was frustrating due to insurance red tape.

    The most recent Incdent(and the reason why I think we can get out) took place on Monday night. The roof opened up again on the opposite side of the complex, this time much worse. It damaged fire equipment in the common areas and they had to cut power. We have not been able to go back since then even though our unit is 100% fine. In the landlord’s defense, he is putting us up in a hotel for the next 2 nights but he is not the one who has no idea where they are going next wek. We also have no idea when we can go back, sounds like it will be over a week.

    He is a really nice guy, but there has been several problems so far and we want out immediately. I plan to draft a letter but was wondering if anyone has had any experience when dealing with an uninhabitable apartment. Thanks
    We can’t get back in because there was damage to the fire system in the common areas by water. They also had to cut power in the building so the building inspector has barred access for everyone. I agree with what you are saying about the past and no physical damage to our place, but we are still barred from the apartment by the city? Is this still not enough to get out?
    Also more details, this happened on Monday night 4/20 and I got a call last night from the red cross saying that it could be days before the power is turned back on….

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