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      So, i’ve thought about getting a mortgage soon to diversify my accounts. I get tired of checking my reports every month and noticing that nothing is changing. This makes gardening a little less attractive then. I decided to speed up the process. I created a macro in excel that would actually change my average age of account based on the month that I ran the macro in. Then in a separate sheet I took a list of my 30 inquires (since 2009) and broke them down into how many would fall in 6 month intervals (Dec, June) by CRA and in total. Then even further which ones would fall of which month Dec-June. Aside from that I figured my scored would be effective 1 year prior to them falling off. So I was able to*apping*come up with a range that, all else equal, would be most appropriate for me to begin looking for a mortgage. In conjunction with that I took the same 6 month intervals in calculated where my AAoA would be at that point in time with and w/o a new amex (backdated). So I will begin counting down and watching the inquires fall off and accounts age!*The other sheet is just my accounts with their respective limits and rates.*Although thats what typical gardening is about, using this way I have benchmarks set!


      I’m wondering if I should even have a CMS now, since I have the most important items I need to focus on?? The other question is the difference in AAoA at the time I want to apply is 2.98 years and 2.88 years (w/new amex); since its so small should I go for it anyway or wait later on down the line I mean gardening for 6 months to 2 years maybe tough…

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