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      This is my Academy Awards moment so please bear with me as I accept my Oscar…
      First, I was to thank Soooo many folks on this forum for the valuable information shared. I’ve been quietly lurking and reading the shared stories for over a year. More importantly, I’ve made it my mission to just learn the credit game. Yes, it is a game and you too can master it with patience and commitment. A must read is P- Credit Rebuilding journey. Thank you P- for succinctly outlining the game tools needed for credit repair gardening. You gave me insight and courage to fight back with DV letters and soften my approach with GW letters.

      Today I got my SW alert and BAM….I’m finally in the 700 club…..OH BOY! Quick background, my credit fell apart back in 2004 with a job layoff. Had 6 law school student loans defaulted and rehabbed in 2008, two Chase COs – one settled, the other had $9,500+ reporting each month and two collections. My credit was 502 back then. I learned about Myfico in 2009 and started rebuilding to 602, 645, 668, back 660. My big break was a recent Chase 2005 CO deletion that was KILLING me due to the fact that it was still negatively reporting each month. It was due to fall off my credit report in 2/13 but thanks to all the good folks at Myfico, I emailed the CEO and got a called from a nice lady in their Executive Office. Wasn’t sure if they would give me a break since I still had a 9500+ balance on the CO. When she told me they would delete both CO accounts, I almost crashed my car. My email was worth $ 9500+ and a major bump in score. THANK YOU MYFICO!

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