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      are eating up your “tax” dollars on medical care you may want to read this or watch the accompanying news video.

      Believe it or not, but I bet you can do the same thing in your town and find out that it is not as grossly reported as you might have thought. This excludes those states that are bordering Mexico, this is for the rest of the nation.
      Many of the “illegal” immigrants I know have actually paid their bills with cash and not on credit and other info for many of you, no more children born of illegal immigrants are allowed to claim medicaid for children born in this country as of November 1st, 2006.
      I am not pro illegal but for those illegals that have been paying taxes and living by our laws and not living off the system and have been exploited by big companies for cheap labor.
      NO HATERS PLEASE. This is for information and to make people actually get the right info.
      Also, we have accepted 150,000 refugees from Iraq we are currently supporting. Thank the Bushes for that.
      The refugees we have brought in from Iraq under the radar (during the big to do in congress on the amnesty bill) these refugees are here for the long haul. They have a 5 yr Visa without a work authorization and we are paying for all expenses while they are here. They will recieve free housing, free food, transportation, education, and medical care. They will also have the ability after 3 yrs to become greencard holders. Not working or paying taxes and they get greencard status?! I put this up for the information. I am tired of people listening to the propaganda and TV news programs that sensationalize it to sell news and papers. I wish more people would report the facts.
      El Raton, we already know it is a problem in those states and mostly due to your states not re vamping your current welfare system. Here in the Eastern US we have revamped our criteria since 2000 because of welfare fraud and to stop generational recipients as well as needing proof from the INS that they are legally here in the US. We have the computer program to validate SS#’s. It puzzles me that those border states did not implement this sooner than we did? They are the ones that needed it most.
      Rabid – I work at the health department as a translator here in our county. Many of our immigrants are paying cash or writing a check for their services (the adults) many of the children we see are the ones that were born before NOV 1st 2006 that are on medicaid. The ratio for non insured people other than illegals is way over the top, in the billions federally, my point is that no one can claim that they are the cause of the “health care” crisis it is the other millions of Americans that can not or will not get personal health insurance because they know the hospital must take them no matter what. They are using the illegals as a scapegoat for a problem that has been in this country way before the illegal immigrant problem. Health and welfare reform for everyone needs to be now and no more excuses.

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