For those who’ve repaired your credit scores & cleaned up your credit reports…how

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      did you go about doing it? I have some major bumps and bruises on my credit report. I want to go about trying to raise my score within eight months and am not 100% sure on how to go about it on my own.

      I’ve been told to simply write a letter to those that show up on my report to simply refute what is listed, but I don’t know where to begin and I am too skeptical about paying some agency for a service I believe I am capable of.

      I basically want to hear from those who have repaired their credit on their own. How did you go about doing it? What should be included in the letter? How do I follow up on it? Are there services that I can utilize that aren’t scams? Were you very successful in raising your credit scores going that route?

      Any advise is helpful in this matter, though I would prefer to hear from those who have a little expertise in this matter, those who have gone about trying to clean off their reports, or those who are at least are old enough to have an established line of credit to be giving some educated advise. Thanks in advance.

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      My credit score got screwed for 2 collection accounts this year because of an Address change, and I didnt realize that till they went in to collections and saw them on my credit report. Yes you need to write to the agency to take them away from your credit report. I guess you can go to the Agency website and claim a dispute requesting them to take away the negative items but not really sure how to do that.
      As I am also not sure what exactly I need to ask the Credit bureau, I did little bit of homework and found has a cool track record. I contacted them and they charged me some 100+ bucks. But everything got sorted out in 2 months. Make sure you clearly explain them what went wrong and seeking their help to clear the mess.

      This is what Lexington emailed me but didnt send the letter that they sent to the creditor (I think Creditor means GcServices which is a collections Agency).
      “An Intervention letter request regarding your Gc Services account has been sent to the creditor. Please note that we are not contesting facts or disputing any aspect of this account with the creditor. The desired result is that the creditor will request that the negative item be removed from your credit report.

      Creditors may claim that they are unable to locate a specific account without further information. We request that you do not provide them information about the account. Simply forward a copy of such correspondence to us. “

      I know this is not what exactly you need. But thought it might be helpful to you as a first hand info.

      PS: lexingtonlaw is accredited. is the best to place to start with to find out scams vs genuine organizations. You can use to get genuine reviews for all the Internet sites or organizations in USA.

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