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      I’m 22 and I have a credit score of 578. There are some negatives accounts and only 1 positive account on my credit report. I first discovered this when I was 19, when I tried to get a small loan for tuition. Since then, I have been trying to get everything straighten out by talking with the people I supposely owed and NOTHING!! I would like to know is there anything I can do to repair my credit, so I’m able to qualify for a loan to buy a house. How did I get BAD CREDIT so young?? Well, I found out it first started when I was away in college. My sister (37 yrs old), got cable in my name and didn’t pay. It went to collection! She got phone & internet in my name, didn’t pay, and it went to collection! Also, she got a cato card in my name, used it and didn’t pay, and it also ended up in collection. And, an uncle got cable in my name, didn’t pay, and it went to collection! I think, my sister could have gotten all my information because truthfully I did stay with her for a year before I went off to college. As, for as my uncle he is suffering from M.S. and he does do reckless and crazy things. I spoke to my sister about this after finding out, and her response is every response in the book. She has had jobs, been involved in scams, and etc..But, has no desire to pay these collectors. I don’t want to take my sister to court but I don’t want to pay off things on my credit report that I didn’t get. At the moment, my parents are in debt because of my sister. She has gotten credit cards in my mother name and cable also. And, she hasn’t made a payment on a $25,000.00 loan my dad got for her years ago. She has screwed our parents and even me! My dad says he can’t help me out, because my sister has made it harder for the rest of the siblings. So, I’m trying my best but I’ve been told it’s impossible, if I don’t take out papers on my sister for identity theft. I would do it, but my family is already broken up because of how she screwed my parents. I don’t wanna make it worser but I don’t want bad credit. My fiance and I, won’t to buy a home and get married in the future. But, our credit is holding us back! I have bad credit and he doesn’t have any credit at all! He would get a loan, but he’s never have anything and there are no loans for starters! Does anyone have any suggestions, as to what I can do?? I tried, talking to the collectors..Showing them proof and etc..That I was actually living somewhere else when this all happen..But, nothing!!! Again, I’m 22 and I’m pursing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I have a steady income and so does my fiance. Our bills (electric, cable, phone, internet, water, rent, car) are never late but ulities bills are not reported…So, those cannot be used in our favor! We are not able to obtain a small loan, mortage or a credit card, or etc…How can I prepare for my future if this is not handle!! Suggestions??
      Also, the main reasons I don’t want to file charges against my sister..Is because she has already been convicted of a felony…She has served time *years* for drugs, drugs, and drugs. She has gotten busted over and over! When it comes to money, I see now she can be obsessed! At the moment, she is on probation again for drugs! Me and my parents, are trying our best to do what we can without purposely sending her back to prison for her children sake (the same kids my mom has raised)! But, if that’s what it takes to get us straight then it will need to be done….

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