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    My husband and I found a house that we fell in love with. It is beautiful, in great shape, and in a good neighborhood. It was a foreclosure, so it is really cheap. Here’s the problem, we are young and both have a 0% credit score. We applied for a first time homeowner’s loan. They want a year’s worth of three bills that we’ve payed, and proof that we’ve rented something for a year. Here’s the problem, we don’t have that. I lived in an apartment for a year and a half, but I took over my brother’s lease and it along with all the bills stayed in his name. I payed for everything, it just was in his name. I’ve had my cell phone for three years, it’s just been in my Mom’s name. All I have is my five years worth of car insurance. They won’t give us the loan now because of this. This is a house that I know that bank wants to get rid of. It’s been sitting there for over a year. We want it, we can pay the monthly payments. We have the money to get it payed off. Why wont anybody believe in us or help us? Any suggestions?

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