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      ive been lurking the boards for a while but finally decided to post.


      i am 22 years old. i have 3 credit cards( walmart, target and capital one.) my walmart card i have a 0/100 bal, target- 40.00/200. *and capital one i recently paid my balance from 689 down to 135 and the cl on that was 750. besides the credit cards i have several student loans which are deferred. my question is i want to buy a macbook pro , it’s my graduation gift since im graduating soon. my parents were initially were going to help me pay for it but that fell thru because of a car accident. i was thinking about applying for the apple financing card but what are my chances of getting approved?* would i have a better chance of getting approved if i wait till after my credit report updates because the high balance on the capital one card is still showing.* would anyone sugguest i pay the capital one balance* of 135$ down a little more or leave it as is? Also,* the last time i checked my credit score it was 689.

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