FHA Loan – HUD 1 and Fee’s Worksheet – Am I being overcharged?

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      I have received the preliminary HUD1 and Fee’s Worksheet for an FHA loan I am getting. My mortgage broker and real estate agent both said the title fee’s look high, but I was wondering if any one familiar with this area could review the following docs to see if anything looks suspicious or anything.

      Fee’s Worksheet

      HUD 1
      (page 1)
      (page 2)

      Thanks so much!
      Loan is for Florida. You should be able to see images if you go to those 4 links I put. Thanks.
      You should be able to open these (I think you may have been copying the part in parentheses)

      Fee’s Worksheet

      HUD 1

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      I can’t open them but call another mortgage company & ask them what the title fees would be for your loan amount. Also, you might want to state where you live if you want answers from people in the area. In my area title fees are standard based on the loan amount, but the attorney fees can vary by title company.

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