fail to give 60 days move out notice to leasing office?

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      since I am an international student in Texas, I will go back to China in May 20
      I told the leasing office that I will move out 3 months before and they told me to discuss this in 60 days before I move out.
      on May 3, I gave them the writing notice that I will move out in May 30.
      but they said I have to give them the Notice before full 60 days.
      But the agreement which I signed 1 years before will expire in May 30
      they also notice that if I fail to give the notice my agreement would automatically becomes month to month agreement which cost me 1140 in June 1,
      but they also said if I want to renew my leasing agreement I have to show them the apartment insurances before renewing.
      however, I cancel my phone, time wanner cables, electronic account. and I will come back to U.S after August and move to another apartment in town (I heard that if I don’t take care this things they would not give the new apartment the record, but I plan to rent a new apartment with my girlfriend’s information).
      so what will they do if I just move out and turn in the key with a notice said I move out anyway and you can find other people to rent this apartment?
      I mean, they don’t have my address,phone numbers, and information anymore, but i am really afraid they will sue me and force me to sign the new rental agreement or find my cars. the most thing I am afraid is this event will affect my study visa.
      Also, I am planing to cancel my bank account which links to the rent checks so that they cannot find me.
      so, will the leasing office try everything (they may find my car with my license plate number, go to bank ask the information or go to school to get the information?) they can to find me or sues me OR, they will just know I would leave the country and find a new renter and never bother me again?
      I mean, for $ 1140 will they sues me? And I don’t sure will they charge me more than the first month after may 30, they may charge me more because they cannot find another renter?
      Since I am not native local people, I hope you can tell me as soon as possible.
      Also, I don’t have the SSN, but I use my drivers license in the first places, will they follow the information and find my address to bill me? but I plan not to renew my address until end of this year anyway.
      Forget about the renting?
      can you explain that with more detail?
      I mean, I ask and find that many apartment in this town would not ask for the rental recored. also, I can get some person’s apartment to live, can I?
      In additional, from your answers, even though they want sues me and get the money, they only can get that additional June and July’s rent?will they charge me more like several moths?
      thanks a lot!!!

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