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    We are doing a VA loan and my husband is disabled.* We submitted everything the second week of January including the DD214.*** We got the DU approval and turned in the contract for our new house and the accepted offer on our current house.* We are trying to figure out closing to coordinate with the buyers of our current house.* Yesterday (almost 3 weeks later) I asked the broker for an update.* He told me everytime I email him that I am delaying closing because he has to take the time to answer me.* He continued to tell me that I am not his only customer and for him to receive 4 calls in one day regarding my loan is not acceptable (one was the realtor regarding termite stuff, one was our insurance lady regarding the binder and one was my husband regarding the Certificate of Eligibility).
    A few hours later he comes back and asks us for the following:
    Even more updated check stubs
    2011 W2’s which we just got back
    clear termite letter
    Divorce paperwork from me going back to 2006.* Serious??
    bank statement showing the ernest check cleared (already gave them a copy of the cleared check)* We are doing zero down so they have to give this back to us at closing anyway.
    AND a certificate of eligibility from the VA (SERIOUS)??
    We called the VA and they said the lender should be able to pull that in less than 5 minutes.* It will take us weeks to get it from the VA?* Why didn’t he tell me this 3 weeks ago?
    I explained that I need to get kids enrolled in a new school district and I’m not excited about living in a hotel for a while if we do not close on time.* He explained we are not his only customer and if we do not like the way*he does things that we should cancel our application.* Of course my check already cleared for the appraisal and fees.* My jaw just dropped when we were spoken to like that…I think I was in a daze for about an hour.
    I’m new to the state and have not bought a house in 13 years.* It was a very pleasant and fun experience back in 1999.* I even got an email from him last night telling me to stop having our people or ourselves call his processor because she left the office stressed yesterday.
    I’m about to break down in tears and fear I will be homeless because they do not want to work with me.* I have been thorough, respectful and gotten information to them in a matter of one day everytime they asked.* I do not bug them….I might ask for an update once per week.* Wanna talk about stressed?* This weekend we are starting to move stuff into storage.* Have no confidence and do not know where we will be in 2 weeks.
    Our current house closes in 2 weeks.**
    Any advice or opinions?

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