(emergency ,pls read)ask kohl's customer service question, they forward my comment to the kohls

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      i e-mail kohls customer service a question.

      here’s the question :
      one day i went to kohl’s at mall , when i walk out of kohl’s with another customer ,the alarm rang

      Then the guy(the customer who walk out with me at the same time) smiled at me , and he went to the cashier ( he have brought something from kohl’s i think , he’ve a shopping bag with him) and took out the items from the bag and show off the receipt , then he walks out with the bag again .
      I think the alarm also rang when he steps out , i can’t remember.
      i assume If he steals something , then he can’t walk out so easily .
      But i didn’t steal anything and i didn’t buy anything either expect i’m wearing a dress i bought from kohl’s a long time ago , but i already cut off the tag when i bought it home .

      then i stood there for a while and see if the cashier and the mature lady(maybe she’s a manager) who stand next to her will asked me to go to them and let them check my purse , but they didn’t waved at me or come to me or anything , so i just go out , but when i go out , the alarm rang again !
      so i stop again and giving sign like what’s happening ? what’s wrong with the alarm ? also i was checking if they still need to asked me to go to them , but again , they didn’t call me or anything , so i just leave.
      n they didn’t run to get me when i leave either , i didn’t walk too fast.

      so what i’m asking is , Will they think i steal something and leave without letting them to check my purse ? I’m worry that they’ll accuse me of robbery or something , there’s also a video camera that record my face .
      is there anything wrong with the alarm ?

      I also went back to kohl’s after 3 hour later , i was thinking , if they really think i’ve done something , they’ll catch me when i walk in to kohl’s , but nobody come out to talk to me and when i leave the store ,the alarm didn’t rang anymore .

      I think it’s a frightful experience for me , it really stop me from shopping at kohls anymore . i used to shop at kohls.


      it was only a question . actually ,i ask the same question here at yahoo answer and also ask my friend n my mom .
      the day this thing happened is like a month ago , but one of the answer i get from yahoo answer is ” don’t know what ur problem is , just report ur concerns back to kohls”
      so i ask kohls customer service this question in order to get a correct answer( so foolish of me !) now i feel so stupid n regret .
      i just thought it’s a question …

      now the customer service didn’t give me a answer and they respond :
      Thank you for your comments regarding your recent Kohl?s visit.

      Please respond back, with your original e-mail attached, and the exact location of the Kohl’s store in question. I would like to forward your comments to the store?s Management Team for follow up within their store. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused.

      If you need additional assistance please respond to this email so we may assist you further.

      what does this email mean ? why can’t they answer my question right now or do they really suspicious of what i do ?
      especially , what does that ” follow up” mean ?what does ”Kohl’s store in question” mean?
      at first , i thought they just need to know my e-mail and the kohls i shop so the kohls i shop could answer my question themself .
      but after i tell my mom to look at this e-mail , my mom got mad ! she said ” i already told u there’s nothing to worry bot ! why did u ask kohls for ? now u r just adding trouble on u ! ”

      is what she said true ? i’m in trouble ? what should i do ?
      should i respond back to kohls that i longer need the question to be answered ? but i already ask him the question , i can’t take it back .
      and saying that might make him suspicious .
      lilborikua, ,i already e-mail you , pls check .

      and in case lilborikua don’t reply my mail , i’m going to post the question that i need answered the most below.

      i think i have to reply kohl’s customer service .
      i guess it’s ok to tell them i don’t need answer or respond from them anymore .
      is it ok to just write ” i already found the answer to my question and concern , i no longer need my question to be answered . thank you for your response .”?

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